First matlab project---Material behavior analysis program

The behavior of materials is important for anticipating how to design components. Given the data of materials, a program was designed to determine the yield stress of different materials with data on the size and shape of rigs, temperature and forces applied on these materials. Finally, an economic and practical analysis of material choice of material of the rig is presented by the program.

graph of material behavior analysis
graph of steel analysis

Second matlab project---Model logic circuit and cyber security program

In the first part of this project a model of logic gate is analyzed and modeled. For the second part, a program is written to kill a corruption hacker program, which is trying to steal the password of an important text and modify the data into the lyrics of a song. 

logic gate

Final matlab project---image segmentation of cells

A software is written in order to automatically distinguish pairs of the microscope pictures of cells in large quantity, including fluorescing rhodamine phalloidin (RP) bound to actin (a cytoskeleton protein) and fluorescing 4',6-diamidino-2-phenylindole (DAPI) bound to cell nuclei.

boudary of cells